and finally build a sustainable evergreen business.

Have A Sales Funnel That Actually Works & Converts

get ready to finally

Bringing together the most incredible experts who are ready to help you dig into ALL of the pieces that go into a successful sales funnel.

A 4-Day LIVE virtual event dedicated to sales funnels.


You're growing your list and increasing your visibility... so let's stop leaving money on the table and start focusing a bit more on sales funnels!

slower growth


If you're just relying on social media or content creation that is a good marketing strategy but it can also be a quick way to burn out.



Constantly hustling for your next client, customer, or sale is not fun! Sales funnels offer you a way to automate, grow, and scale with ease!

inconsistent sales


But OMG, once everything clicks into place and you have an evergreen sales funnel that is working for YOU while you sleep... well, that's the dream, isn't it?

Every type of business should have sales funnels set up and working for them. It doesn't matter if you are a product based business, a coaching business, a speaker, or a course creator.

Let me guess, you're experiencing marketing mayhem and content chaos which is resulting in...

Yes, there are A LOT of pieces that go into a sales funnel...

Sales funnels don't have to feel scary, or confusing, or overly complicated to do yourself.

The big secret of business growth is quite simply
a sales funnel that works!

But here's thing. You're not alone. I've been exactly where you are and...

Offers that sell like hot cakes

A fan club of people wanting to work with you

Marketing content that does the nurturing and converting for you

PLUS... the ability to not have to show up 24/7

We crafted this event so we cover everything you need to know to create offers that work, a sales funnel that converts, and messaging that attracts. You can finally have these things automated:

Hayley Luckadoo

Let's meet your Funnel Fest co-Hosts:

day one
december 5th

Liz Wilcox

day one
december 5th

Julie C Butler

day one
december 5th

Shalayna Janelle

day one
december 5th

Monday, december 5th, 2022

11:00am - 11:15am EST

Welcome to Funnel Fest

with your hosts tara reid & hayley luckadoo

Day One Schedule

11:15am - 12pm EST

Funnels 101 & Types of Funnels

with jenn robbins

12:00pm - 12:45pm EST

A Value Ladder of Offers

with hayley luckadoo

1:30pm - 2:00pm EST

Tripwires and Bump Offers

with Yael Bendahan

2:00pm - 2:45pm EST

Creating the Perfect Lead Magnet

with Steph Perez

2:45pm - 3:30pm EST

Creating a Membership Offer


3:30pm - 4:00pm EST

Day 1 Action Items

with your hosts tara reid & hayley luckadoo

tuesday, december 6th, 2022

11:00am - 11:15am EST

Welcome to Funnel Fest

with your hosts tara reid & liz wilcox

Day Two Schedule

11:15am - 12pm EST

Email Marketing 101

with liz wilcox

12:00pm - 12:45pm EST

ThriveCart Funnel Tutorials

with julie c butler

1:30pm - 2:00pm EST

The Perfect Email Welcome Sequence

with Samantha Burmeister

2:00pm - 2:45pm EST

Sales Page Copy & Messaging

with Deenah Jacques

2:45pm - 3:30pm EST

Sales Page Design

with Adeyinka Obisanya

3:30pm - 4:00pm EST

Day 2 Action Items

with your hosts tara reid & liz wilcox

wednesday, december 7th, 2022

11:00am - 11:15am EST

Welcome to Funnel Fest

with your hosts tara reid & julie c butler

Day Three Schedule

11:15am - 12pm EST

Fill Up Your Funnel With Targeted Leads

with Samantha King

12:00pm - 12:45pm EST

Organic Funnel Traffic

with tara reid

1:30pm - 2:00pm EST

Selling without Feeling Sleazy

with Haley Johnson

2:00pm - 2:45pm EST

How to Fix a Leaky Funnel

with Kaitlyn Ryan

2:45pm - 3:30pm EST

Paid Ads & Funnels

with Natalie Alaimo

3:30pm - 4:00pm EST

Day 3 Action Items

with your hosts tara reid & julie c butler

thursday, december 8th, 2022

11:00am - 11:15am EST

Welcome to Funnel Fest

with your hosts tara reid & Shalayna Janelle

Day Four Schedule

11:15am - 12pm EST

Offer & Messaging Brainstorming

with Ashlee Sang, Carrie Flynn, Stacey Hagen, and Britteney Ofodile

3:30pm - 4:00pm EST

Funnel Fest Wrap Up

with your hosts tara reid & Shalayna Janelle

** VIP Ticket Holders Only **

12:00pm - 12:45pm EST

Email Audits

with Stephanie Mojica, Danielle Arkit, Anna Crosby, and Antoanela Safca

1:30pm - 3:30pm EST

Funnel Audits

with Michelle Pontvert, Georgiana Dacosta, Christina Rava, Jessica Mazzone, and Robyn Roste

These amazing resources from our speakers:

Upgrade to a VIP Ticket and get lifetime access to replays, an extra day of live workshops & audits, a private podcast feed, PLUS...

From Carrie Flynn - Launching your course doesn’t have to be hard! The Zen Launch Formula is exclusively for the course creator who is tired of launch confusion.

The Zen Launch Formula

Value: $197

From Samantha Burmeister - 8 plug & play emails to make your Flash Sale a success! Emails for before, during, and after your flash sale so you make big conver$ion$!

Flash Sale Email Templates

Value: $127

From Deenah Jacques - 3 pages of website copy or conversion-friendly sales page to ensure that you are speaking to your ideal client and leads to action.

Copy Audit

Value: $500

From Julie C Butler - Learn how to customize your ThriveCart checkout pages, and course platform with ease!

All the Things ThriveCart

Value: $44

From Jenn Robbins - This 5-module course breaks down everything I've learned about funnel strategy over the past decade of working with 6 and 7 figure online businesses. 

Flexible Funnel Strategy 101

Value: $297

From Destini Copp - At HelloContent, we make marketing the easiest part of your business; go from not knowing what to say to hitting that publish button in half the time.

Free 30-Day Trial for HelloContent

Value: $49

From Antoanela Safca - So you launched.
Now What? Whether it flew or it flopped, put it to good use with the Launch Debrief Kit.

The Launch Debrief Kit

Value: $27

From Adeyinka Obisanya - Launch in style with a customizable Showit sales funnel template. Whether you are launching live or evergreen, you have the pages you need to convert.

Showit Sales Funnel Template

Value: $297

From Natalie Alaimo - The straightforward, practical and incredibly useful planning tool to help get you sales, revenue and profit from your ads.

The Ad Profit Planner

Value: $47

From Steph Perez - During this workshop you'll learn how to create an ACTIONALBLE & CUSTOMIZED business blueprint allowing you to experience MEASURABLE RESULTS quickly.

1 Year e-Learning Business Blueprint

Value: $200

From Tara Reid - A sales funnel template that comes with 2 sales page templates, 2 opt-in page templates, a purchase thank you page, and a tripwire page template.

sky wordpress + elementor sales funnel template

Value: $67

From Tara Reid - The Canva Template bundle is the PERFECT graphic design bundle that you need if you are creating a course, webinar, or masterclass.

The Course & Webinar Template Bundle

Value: $27

From Tara Reid - From planning the perfect digital product idea, to marketing and actually selling it to your ideal audience.

Digital Product Success Secrets

Value: $97

From Georgiana Dacosta - Grow On Purpose With Paid Ads shows you the step-by-step strategy (+ tech) I use to grow my email list with paid ads, with as little as $1/day budget.

Grow On Purpose With Paid Ads

Value: $127

From Robyn Roste - If you have no idea what to charge for your services or cringe whenever you send a quote, you need this course! You'll learn to love your prices.

How to Price Your Work: Pricing for the Creative Entrepreneur

Value: $97

From Christina Rava - This customizable Kajabi sales page template will help you get your online course out into the world faster and with less stress! 

Kajabi Sales Page Template

Value: $97

From Ashlee Sang - Establish, define, and apply your brand values so you can stand up for what matter most to you and your customers, and stand out in all the best ways.

Live Out Your Brand Values Self-Reflection Workbook

Value: $30

From Michelle Pontvert - Conversion-focused layouts that you can quickly copy so you can confidently launch your client-converting website.

Website Layout Blueprint

Value: $99

From Liz Wilcox - Everything you need to write a quick email campaign to sell your new idea.

Just Presell It

Value: $49

From Hayley Luckadoo - Secrets of Sales gives you the foundations for sales, some quick tips to make selling feel easier, and ways to help you 10x your sales.

Secrets of Sales Mini Course

Value: $97

From Anna Crosby - Nurture your new subscribers with free value AND invite them to your paid offer in an easy, no-sleaze way with this template bundle.

Educational + Sales Email Series BUNDLE

Value: $19

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VIP Ticket

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Regular Ticket

Are you ready to finally master the art of sales funnels?

Access to 3 Days of LIVE events with guest experts

14-day Replay Access of Live Events with Transcripts

Access to 4 Days of LIVE events with guest experts

LIFETIME Replay Access to All 4-Day Live Events

Access to Day 4 Live Audits and Workshops

Extra Resources from the Experts ($xxx value)

Private Podcast Audio Feed for All Replays

When I first started learning about sales funnels I was FASCINATED at how they work, all of the pieces and strategy that can go into them, and the psychology behind selling ethically.

Sales funnels are a powerful way to scale and grow your business. There are just too many benefits to list when it comes to what a sales funnel can do for you.

But, a lot of people are overwhelmed with funnels because there are a lot of pieces to them. There's the offers, the messaging, the nurturing, the marketing, the design, and the copy... and that's not even the half of it.

Hey, I'm Tara Reid (also known as The Introvert Coach) and as a multi-passionate AND an introvert, I LOVE sales funnels!

Meet your host

My goal was to create a fun and interactive event that puts together the experts who specialize on each piece of a funnel... to help you learn without the overwhelm.

Know how to create your own sales funnel, step by step, piece by piece

Network with experts who know their stuff and will provide actionable steps & information

Stop feeling overwhelmed about where your next sale or money is coming from

Get your funnel questions answered and finally feel confident about the steps involved in a successful sales funnel

At Funnel Fest you will finally be able to:

The VIP ticket offers an extra day of LIVE workshops and audits, lifetime replay access, a private podcast audio feed, and resources from our amazing speakers!

what's the difference between the regular ticket and the vip ticket?


If you can't make it live you'll get 14-day replay access with a regular ticket and lifetime replay access with a VIP ticket.

You'll also be able to pre-submit any questions in advance for our VIP workshops.

i can't attend, if i purchase a ticket will i get replays?


Yes! Every presentation is live. You can see the entire schedule and times listed above.

is this event entirely live?


I bet you're wondering....

your questions answered

Please send us an email at and we're happy to help!

i have another question, how do i contact you?


Due to the live virtual nature of this event, we are unable to offer any refunds as of December 5th when the event starts.

do you offer refunds?


As soon as you register you'll get added to our event portal on ThriveCart. This is where you'll find the calendar, Zoom links, and link to the private Facebook Group.

VIP extras will be available there on day one, December 5th!

what happens as soon as i register for a ticket?


Have questions? Get in touch!